Chop-Socky: A Kung Fu Sock-Hop

Chop Socky - A Kung Fu Sock Hop

Chop-Socky: A Kung Fu Sock-Hop was a family-friendly  “funraiser” to celebrate and raise some funds towards Tegan Thomas’s martial arts tournament in Costa Rica with Team Canada, January 2013.

Seven-year-old Tegan Thomas is a student of Shaolin Kung Fu and studies under the direction of Sigung Bob Robins at Blue Crane Martial Arts in Owen Sound. Since entering her first tournament in February 2012, Tegan has earned six third, two second, and fourteen First Place finishes. In January 2013, she will be travelling to Costa Rica with The Canadian National Martial Arts Team to compete in an International Congress of Martial Arts Tournament.

Event Highlights:


Kevin Ross and Mikaela Morris


The Canadian Drift

(Robert & Caroline Menzies)


Richard-Yves Sitoski

Tegan clownin' around.

Tegan clownin’ around.

Doug-and-TeganM.C. Doug and Tegan

Awesome tune spinning by D.J Jam Jam was another highlight, and of course, “everybody was kung fu fighting!”

Thanks to Kelly Babcock and Lori Ross for the photos, and to Lori and Tegan for the opportunity. Have fun in Costa Rica, Tegan!


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